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The Vermilion & District Chamber of Commerce has been an advocate for the Vermilion and Area businesses since 1906 and still strive to help better our business community.

Why Join Your Local Chamber:

A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organization, supported by its member firms to promote the areas economic growth and development.  A Chamber enables businessmen and businesswomen to accomplish collectively what no one of them could do individually, creating a pool of resources from which one can draw ideas, energy, and finances.

The 21st century Chamber is the hub of community development and prosperity.  In addition to being the voice of business, it typically provides its member firms a host of benefits designed to gain visibility, provide resources and tools to help them compete in the new world market.

Your local Chamber provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community; it speaks out on issues such as taxes, transportation and education that affect your business because you are located in the area.  As a member of your local Chamber you make that voice even stronger to speak on your behalf.  Your membership investment allows your local Chamber to be a resource of information and services for the business community and the region that it serves.  Many businesses both small and large support the Chamber because it is simply good business.

Value Added Benefits

 Merchant Services Discounts

Group Insurance Plan

Farm and Ranch Insurance Plan

Home & Auto Insurance Plans

Fuel Discount Programs

Shipping programs

Marketing and Conference programs

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So what’s in it for you? What the Chamber can do for you.

The benefits make it an easy decision.  For less than a dollar for each workday on average, your investment is assured.

Keep in touch

Don’t be left out.

Learn, grow & prosper.

Your business growth is important

Having a reliable partner is beneficial to your business.

You have easier access and communication at all levels of government on issues that affect you (one alone cannot accomplish what a group of many can when working together).


Vermilion: Big city advantageswith a small town feel

Vermilion is an exceptional town, with a population of 4545 people. From an outsider’s initial glance, it may appear to be just a small rural community, but if you look closer, you will realize that Vermilion, AB in fact boasts big-city advantages, while still maintaining that small town feel.

Given Vermilion geographical location, businesses who locate here can utilize this strategic location to better their company growth and profitability.

Vermilion Business Advantages

A strong advantage to business growth is the non-residential development incentive program available to commercial and industrial businesses; its purpose is to encourage new development and expansion of non-residential facilities within the Town of Vermilion. This program offers a tax cancellation on the municipal portion of property taxes.

The vermilion economy is largely a service industry to agriculture, with the area of oil and gas servicing growing in its presence. Industries and businesses in Vermilion thrive as a result of:

competitive selection,

competitive pricing, and

commitment to service excellence.

Vermilion Community and Regional Profile / Labour Force

Community: Town of Vermilion

Labour Force Status( 15 years and over) TOTAL 3110
Employed 2245
Unemployed 65
Not in the labour force 800
Participation Rate 74.1 %
Employment Rate 72.2%
Unemployment Rate 2.8%
Class of Worker TOTAL 2305
Employee 2015
Self-employed 290

Total Population of the Town of Vermilion: 4545 People

Key Sectors:


The foundation on which the Vermilion Region was built. Since the area was first settled in the early 1900’s, agriculture has played a vital role in the development of the region. Agriculture is the region’s second largest industry, pumping over 1 billion dollars into the economy. The Town of Vermilion is home to Lakeland College with one of the largest student managed farms in Canada located at the Vermilion Campus.


The Town of Vermilion is situated in the hub of the Oil and Gas Sector for the Northeast Region. On the crossroads of Yellowhead Highway #16 and Buffalo Trial Highway #41, Vermilion is home to a wide variety of Oil Field Service Companies.

Currently the Town of Vermilion is booming with activity as Inter Pipeline and Enbridge both undertake pipeline expansions and Altex Energy moves forward with an Oil Rail Loading Facility within the County of Vermilion River.

Retail & Service:

As the Retail industry continues to expand within the region, the Vermilion Retail and Service Sector shows continual growth with the addition of several new businesses to our community. The Lakeland Mall and Downtown Vermilion play host to a variety of retail stores, personal and health services, professionals, dining, entertainment and government facilities.

In 2013, the Town of Vermilion began pre-selling commercial lots just north of the main intersection of Highway 16 and Highway 41.   Adjacent to the east side highway #41 – Junction Sixteen 41 will have Vermilion see substantial growth within the Retail and Service Sector.


Regional: Alberta HUB Region

Labour Force  
Employment Rate 71.4%
Participation Rate 73.7%
Aged 15 and up 99,000 people
Total labour force of 73,000 people
Total Population 127,800 people




                There are over 300 oil and gas producing companies active within the Alberta HUB Region. New technologies have been developed in the Alberta HUB Region:

Drilling of long, horizontal wells at shallow depths

Down hole electric drive PC pumps

Computer optimized production well management

High temperature pressure sensors

Oil, Water, Sand separator

Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP) ( Now shipped around the world)


Accounts for:

15% of Alberta’s total production of oats

12% of the Canola

10% of the Alberta’s cattle

12% of the province’s bison.


Lakeland College

Portage College

Blue Quills First Nations College

Total experienced labour force: 2,010

Trading population: 11,000 +

Unemployment rate: 3.7%

Come see for yourself how your business can capitalize on the opportunities of a small town with big-city advantages.

The History of the Vermilion & District Chamber of Commerce

The Vermilion and District Chamber of Commerce had its beginning in 1906. Founded originally as Vermilion Board of Trade, it had as its president H.W. Brown who served in this capacity for four terms, 1906 to 1909. Mr. Brown was then in partnership with Walter Gibson in the North-West Trading Company Store.

The name “Board of Trade” was changed to “Chamber of Commerce” in 1931, then back to “Board of Trade” in 1933. In later years it was again changed to ” Chamber of Commerce” and has remained with that title to the present time.

2017/2018 Executive List


Brett Flanders


Lynn Filgate


Joshua Mountain

Kory Kralkay

Janine Lange

Tannis Henderson


Robert Ernst


Paige Jaremco

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