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Vermilion: Big city advantages with a small town feel

Vermilion is an exceptional town, with a population of 4545 people. From an outsider’s initial glance, it may appear to be just a small rural community, but if you look closer, you will realize that Vermilion, AB in fact boasts big-city advantages, while still maintaining that small town feel.

Given Vermilion geographical location, businesses who locate here can utilize this strategic location to better their company growth and profitability.

Vermilion Business Advantages

A strong advantage to business growth is the non-residential development incentive program available to commercial and industrial businesses; its purpose is to encourage new development and expansion of non-residential facilities within the Town of Vermilion. This program offers a tax cancellation on the municipal portion of property taxes.

The vermilion economy is largely a service industry to agriculture, with the area of oil and gas servicing growing in its presence. Industries and businesses in Vermilion thrive as a result of:

  • competitive selection,
  • competitive pricing, and
  • commitment to service excellence.

Vermilion boasts an experienced labour force, large trading population, low employment rate and a range in business and occupations.

  • Total experienced labour force: 2,010
  • Trading population: 11,000 +
  • Unemployment rate: 3.7%

Come see for yourself how your business can capitalize on the opportunities of a small town with big-city advantages.


The History of the Vermilion & District Chamber of Commerce

The Vermilion and District Chamber of Commerce had its beginning in 1906. Founded originally as Vermilion Board of Trade, it had as its president H.W. Brown who served in this capacity for four terms, 1906 to 1909. Mr. Brown was then in partnership with Walter Gibson in the North-West Trading Company Store.

A quote from the Vermilion Standard July 21, 1955 issue in its salute to their Golden Jubilee observance states: “The Vermilion Board of Trade in unique in its record of service. Since 1906, never has the promotional work which it was founded, been allowed to lapse. Throughout the first years’ history of Vermilion, the Board of Trade has always been the leader in projects contributing to the progress of the town and district, and to the welfare of the people.”

A few interesting facts include the youngest president, Gerald Stephens; and keeping up-to-date with our times, Maxine Sweeney was the first lady-president.

The name “Board of Trade” was changed to “Chamber of Commerce” in 1931, then back to “Board of Trade” in 1933. In later years it was again changed to ” Chamber of Commerce” and has remained with that title to the present time.

The following has been said, “The Vermilion Board of Trade, a community organization dedicated to the progress of the town and district, was established in 1906, and is thus in a position to recoganize the valuable contribution of the pioneers of Vermilion. They built better than they knew, for their hard work, foresight and initiative, followed by the progress of their successors, have placed Vermilion among the foremost towns in Alberta.”

Following is a list of past president:


1906-1909 H.W. Brown 1910 D.L. Freeman
1911 W.J. Seed 1912-1913 J. Dawson Stephens
1914-1915 J.A.M. Craig (John) 1916-1919 Sir James Outram
1920-1921 W.B. Nellis 1922-1923 A.E. Kaiser
1924 S.R.P. Cooper 1925-1926 W.H. Harper
1927 C.B. Johnston 1928-1930 W.H. Harper
1931-1933 Dr. H.W. Scott 1934-1936 Chas Robinson
1937-1938 W.P. Pilkie (Bill) 1939-1940 A.M. West (Albert)
1941-1942 Gerald Stephens 1943-1944 Ashley Cooper
1945 J.D. Adams (Jim) 1946 E.M. Stewart (Elmore)
1947 George S. Maxwell 1948 Melvin Hill
1949 A.M. Watts (Sandy) 1950 Tom Watts
1951 D.R. Mitchell (Reg) 1952 G.W. Sutherland
1953 R.G. Chalmers (Keith) 1954 K.G. Urquhart (Ken)
1955 Dr. A. Ben King 1956 J.R. Boaks (Ross)
1957-1958 E.A. Locke (Al) 1959 J.V. Kneale (Jack)
1960 Angus MacMillan 1961 Ernie Clendenning
1962 AldousKent 1963 John Webb
1964-1966 Claude Underdown 1967 Dr. A.R. Anderson
1968 John Stewart 1969 Grover Halterman
1970 William Milne 1971 Roger Rowe
1972 W. Tennant (Bill) 1973 Lloyd Seath
1974 Ben Buchmann 1975 Bob Richardson
1976 W.T. Garnet 1977 Chuck Payne
1978 Ted Etherington 1979 Monty Audenart
1980-1981 Stan Stewart 1982 Byron Moore
1984 Wayne Meikle 1985 Maxine Sweeney
1986 Ed Lee 1987 Kevin MacDuff
1988 Gary Horan 1989-1990 Jim Williams
1991-1992 Beryl Tovell 1993-1994 Dave Webb
1995-1996 Don Charron 1997-1998 Craig Brown
1999 Dawn Flaata 2000-2001 Shirley Schwartz
2002-2003 Angela Mergl 2004-2005 Greg Throndson
2006 Dan Macpherson 2007-2008 Jason Long
2009-2012 Marlene Beattie 2013 Scott Kovatch
2014 Amin Tran

 2015 Executive List


Robert Ernst


Brett Flanders


Lynn Filgate


Meagan Balaneski


Brenda Bintz

Marlene Beattie

Patricia Hanson

Harp Khela


Scott Kovatch 


Michelle Feist